secrets y miel

“Secrets y Miel”, acrylic on panel, 12″ x 12″, collection of Laura Dern, 2008

Site for the art of Los Angeles-based, multi-media artist, Laura E. Alvarez and her World of DAS (Double Agent Sirvienta)!



Limited edition silkscreened/hand painted DAS t shirts coming soon! Infiltrate the fashionistas from Boyle Heights to Brentwood in your own DAS wear! Contact Laura at caliartstudio@gmail.com to get on this wait list. There will be a special discount if you buy matching shirts for you and your nanny (or you and your patrona!).

Check out an excerpt from the DAS graphic novel in progress in an issue of Brackish, a digital journal for art, poetry, and photography below.

brackish vol. three